YS100M – Episode 13

Bob and Sass discuss Western States, Injury Gate, how the ramp up to Badger is different than Tunnel Hill, a bit of Nutrition talk, Sass’ budding vinyl addiction, and some really cool updates on Sass’ running.

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SI #100 – Alex Is Still Upset About Halo

We celebrate our 100th episode! Deepfake porn, Netflix’s account sharing changes and the changing tech marketplace, Spy Family, DC new slate, Resident Evil 4 Remake, fond memories of renting games at Blockbuster, Wizards of the Coast and the OGL debacle.

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Bob’s Adventure Bucket List

Not really in order, but kind of:

  1. Bike – Going to the Sun Road
  2. Snowboard – Alaska Heli
  3. Snowboard – BC Backcountry
  4. Snowboard – Portillo, Chile
  5. Run – Vermont 100
  6. Run – The Wonderland Trail
  7. Run – Sub 4 Marathon
  8. Run – Badger 100
  9. Run – Rim to Rim to Rim
  10. Run – NYC Marathon
  11. Bike – Denali Park Road – Again
  12. Snowboard – Mauna Kea
  13. Hike – Gates of the Arctic
  14. Hike – Wind River Range

Stuff that’s not quite on my bucket list because either I haven’t progressed to that point yet, or there are significant barriers to entry beyond my control:

  1. Run – Boston Marathon (Qualified)
  2. Run – Hardrock 100
  3. Run – Leadville 100


  1. Climbing – Mt Rainier
  2. Climbing – In General


  1. Bike – Denali Park Road
  2. Run – Chicago Marathon
  3. Hike – Mt. Washington, NH