YS100M – Episode 17 – Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan joins Bob to chat about… oh hell, let’s just let the “AI” give the show notes:

In this conversation, Bob and Kevin discuss Kevin’s journey in ultra-running, including his transition from half marathons to 100-mile races. They explore the challenges of running in mountainous terrain and the impact of personal relationships on Kevin’s running journey. They also delve into the decision to run multiple 100-mile races in a year and the experiences of DNFs and podium finishes. The conversation highlights the importance of community and support in ultra-running. In this conversation, Bob and Kevin discuss the experience of running multiple races and the balance between FOMO and friendship. They recap recent races and delve into the mental struggles and challenges of ultra running. They also explore the importance of training, the role of supportive friends, and the joy of accomplishing difficult races. Kevin shares his upcoming race plans and the appeal of mountain ultras. They discuss the decision-making process in choosing races and the challenges of training for mountain ultras. The conversation concludes with a discussion of future podcast episodes and the upcoming Salt and Sea race (sic).

Did I just (sic) some chatGPT nonsense? Yes I did. It’s Salton Sea, get it right robot overlords!

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