IWVT Special Message

Episode Transcript:

Hi everyone, we’re not doing a normal episode this week. The world is a dumpster fire and all our energies will be better spent trying to do something about it. We’ll put it very plainly: BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. There is no valid argument against that statement. This past week we’ve seen bald faced and horrific evidence of just how pervasive systemic racism is in this country. It’s sickening, it’s infuriating, and it’s unacceptable. There are tons of organizations that could use your help: Black Lives Matter, the Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, The Bail Project, and many many more. Check the show notes for a longer list of organizationss and links. But don’t just do that! Educate yourself, sign petitions, pressure your local, state, and federal government to make change, and most importantly listen to the people who live this shit every day and don’t just accept that that’s the way things are. It’s not the way things have to be and it damn sure isn’t the way they should be, that’s the change we can make. We’ll end by saying this: Black lives matter. Black lives matter. Black. Lives. Matter. Black lives matter.

Organizations and Links:

Black Lives Matter

Reclaim The Block

The Bail Project

The Black Visions Collective

Black Immigrant Collective

Black Table Arts

Minnesota Healing Justice Network

Pimento Relief Fund

Unicorn Riot

North Star Health Collective

Fair Fight


Campaign Zero

Bail Funds/Legal Help by City