IWVT Ep. 53 – Meanwhile – Blood Transportation Equipment

This is part 2 of the episodes we recorded live at Burlington International Airport as part of The Long Game, an event put on by Gamers Against Alzheimer’s. Once again, we had a great time being part of the event, even with the constant assault of muzak from the airport PA system. Huge thanks to Gamers Against Alzheimer’s for letting us be part of the day. You can still donate to the cause if you like, check out the link below!

And let’s head this off at the pass: technically Trace should not be able to incorporate his shocking grasp into his normal attacks (his action should be either the spell -or- the attacks). Our DM made the call based on the balance of the fights not being in the party’s favor. Also, it’s basically a one-shot. Also, the rules are guidelines. Also, just enjoy the story.

And of course a big thank you to our special guest for this and the last episode, AJ Margolis!

Let’s hit it and crit it.

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Gamers Against Alzheimer’s: The Long Game

Music featured in this episode by Adam Rabin – imadeitup.com, and check out his new EP “One Of A Kind” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.