IWVT Ep. 20 – Beware of Poof Dog

It’s episode 20 and we’re pulling out all the stops! Not only did we record this live in front of a live audience, you’re also getting your first taste of our brand new theme song and the introduction of our brand new cast member! Come along and see what happens as the group gets to know their newest traveling companion.

We recorded and streamed this episode live at Carnage Con 2017 on November 3rd, you’re going to hear several mentions of Extra Life donations. Even though the con and our stream are well over, you can still donate by going to tinyurl.com/negextralife. The money all goes to the Children’s Miracle Network and they absolutely deserve it, so if you feel compelled to give they will happily accept.

Let’s hit it and crit it.

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Music featured in this episode:

“Improvised Weapons Theme” by Adam Rabin – imadeitup.com