Alien: Covenant

Did Ridley Scott make up for Prometheus?  Not by a long shot.  Oooh boy, this ones a doozy folks.  Buckle up for the worst 2 hours you could spend in a theater this year.

Fate of the Furious

Something, something, something Family.   Something, something, something huge awesome chase scene.  Plus The Rock and Statham!  What more could you want!

Power Rangers (2017)

Do you even Morph, bro?  Bob & Erica dive into the latest incarnation of the show you don’t really want to admit you watched when you were a kid.

Kong Skull Island

Kong is possibly the biggest surprise so far of 2017.  If nothing else Erica was surprised by the stinger.  And no, I don’t consider revealing there’s a stinger a spoiler so get over it.

The Lego Batman Movie

We’ve been waiting for this since the trailer played in front of Batman V Superman Colon Dawn of Justice.  Lego Batman is better – much better.